Love Boldly Micro Grants

What is your church's reputation within your community? Has your reputation been impacted following the 2019 General Conference? What is the message you want to convey to your community about your congregation’s values and commitments? We want to help you articulate the type of church God is calling you to be and welcome your neighbors at this difficult time in our denomination.

We invite local churches to apply for a micro grant of up to $1,000 that can be used for messages of welcome in your community. These messages could take the form of a local newspaper print ad, a social media (Facebook or Instagram) ad, a banner to place outside of your church, yard signs, door hangers for your neighborhood, postcards to send to your community, an online ad, a billboard, or another avenue that you feel is appropriate for your context. Messages are intended for an external audience rather than those within your congregation. Here are some messaging examples to help you think about what it is you might want to say. Based on our research, here are some printing recommendations for banners, yard signs, postcards, and door hangers. If the thought of designing something is daunting or you simply don't have time, we will create an attractive print ad, social media ad, or banner with your church's logo and the message of your choosing (see below for more details on that)!

Applications will be reviewed and approved on an ongoing basis—and the Minnesota Conference is committed to fulfilling all requests. Checks for grants will be issued twice monthly.

Please provide your contact info
*First Name
*Last Name
*Name of church applying for grant (including city)
*Your role within the church
*Church email address
Please provide brief responses to the following questions:
*Amount you are requesting (maximum is $1,000)?
*What impact has the 2019 General Conference had on your congregation and its ability to reach new people?
*What is the message you will convey to your neighbors and community with the help of this grant?
*Which avenue(s) will you pursue for your messaging?
Local newspaper print ad
Social media (Facebook or Instagram) ad
Banner to place outside of your church
Yard signs
Door hangers for neighborhood
Online ad
*Please list/describe:
Design assistance (optional)

Your congregation can design your own piece(s), or the Minnesota Conference communications team can design a newspaper ad, social media ad, and/or banner for you using one of the templates we have created (view all template options). Please place a check mark next to the appropriate option(s) listed below if you would like design assistance with any of the following for your community (if you request design assistance, the communications team will follow up with you as soon as your grant is approved):

Local newspaper print ad
Facebook ad
Instagram ad (your church must have an Instagram account to do this)
Banner to place outside of your church

Those selected to receive grants must provide images that show their messages in their final format so they can be celebrated and shared throughout the Minnesota Conference and at our 2019 Annual Conference Session as tangible signs of action and hope. 

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