Why Water Matters Summit

Gather November 16-18, 2017, in Minneapolis, to take clear community action for water conservation and education.

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Limited scholarship funds are available. Priority is given to young adults or Native American attendees.  Contact Rev. Adrienne Sparrow Trevathan for information.  If you are reqesting a scholarship, complete your registration, but do not pay at this time.

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Learning Sessions

There will be two learning sessions with five workshop options.  

Emiquon: Mother Earth Healing—Where environmental science and sacred ceremony come together: Lionel Little Eagle Pinn (Mikmaq), whose family have been pipe carriers for the Mikmaq people for over a century, and Michael, Midwest Division Director for The Nature Conservancy North American Region, will share about the healing of the Illinois River Watershed and the essential relationship between the land and the water.

Environmental Racism: Confronting the Powers and Principalities: Rev. Giovanni Arroyo, Team Leader for Program Ministries for the General Commission on Religion and Race of The United Methodist Church

Sacred Land, Sacred Seeds: Edith and Randy Woodley are co-founders of Eloheh Farm and Seeds in Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley.  They have been welcomed to a land that is not their own to pray and have ceremony on the land, and help restore the beauty intended by Creator.  The mantra of Eloheh Farm is “plant, grow, harvest, share” as they teach and inform others how to view the land as living and sacred.  In 2015 the Woodleys also began Eloheh Seeds as a crucial missing link to their teaching farm.  They will share their wisdom, knowledge and experiences as Indigenous planters and prayer people who take the gift of land and water seriously.

The Power of Narrative: The Flint Michigan Water Crisis Response: Rev. Paul Perez, Director of Mission & Justice Engagement and Leadership Recruitment for the Detroit Conference of The United Methodist Church, and Kristin Kumpf, Director of Organizing of the General Board of Church and Society of The United Methodist Church, will share strategies of local organizing around key water issues using the water crisis of Flint, Michigan as the organizing narrative.

Why Water and Oil Don’t Mix: Water and Climate Justice: Laura Pfeffer—United Methodist Women of the Wisconsin Conference of The United Methodist Church

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Emiquon: Mother Earth Healing
Environmental Racism
Sacred Land, Sacred Seeds
The Flint Michigan Water Crisis Response
Why Water and Oil Don’t Mix:
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