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This program provides information and financial assistance to clergy and their spouses who are seeking spiritual direction and/or coaching from professional/certified directors or coaches. It is funded through the Ministerial Education Fund which the Board of Ordained Ministry of the Minnesota Annual Conference administers.

Where to start:

Find a spiritual director or coach. There are a number of persons throughout the state that are spiritual directors or coaches. For assistance, check with the office of the Director of Ministry (612-870-0058). Complete the application form that follows and submit it along with a copy of your receipt. You can request reimbursement on a quarterly basis (every three months). You are responsible for paying the director/coach for the full amount of the bill. The annual conference will reimburse you directly. The program allows payment up to 50 percent of the cost of a session with a maximum payment of $40 per session. There is a $300 limit per individual per year or $1200 per quadrennium. There is a limit of 12 sessions per year. Each January benefits are available again.

Who is eligible?

  • Full clergy or provisional members of the conference, active, retired or appointed to attend school
  • Full clergy or provisional members of another conference, appointed to a local church in the Minnesota Annual Conference
  • Local pastor under appointment within the bounds of the Minnesota Annual Conference, active or retired
  • Diaconal minister, related to the Minnesota Annual Conference, active or retired
  • Any listed above on disability leave, sabbatical or family leave
  • Spouse of any of the above

In Summary, this program will pay as follows:

  • Up to ½ of the cost of a session with a maximum payment of $40 per session
  • Maximum of 12 sessions per calendar year
  • Maximum payment of $300 per calendar year
  • Maximum payment of $1200 per quadrennium
  • Request to be filed quarterly
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Or, if you want to mail in your receipts please mail to: Office of Appointed Leadership, Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, 122 W. Franklin Ave., #400, Minneapolis, MN  55404

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