2020 SPRC Feedback for District Superintendent form

We believe that God’s vision for the Minnesota Annual Conference is for every congregation to be a vital expression of three scriptural imperatives found in the words of Jesus: grow in love of God and neighbor, reach new people, and heal a broken world. Therefore, each year, it’s important for us to ask strategic questions and receive thoughtful feedback concerning our congregations and whether they are fulfilling this vision. Every Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) is asked to provide feedback about its congregation to its district superintendent on an annual basis.

This form is to be completed by the Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) chair or representative. The form is to be completed in advance of the SPRC’s annual check-in meeting with the district superintendent.

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*Last Name
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*List churches
*Date of SPRC feedback meeting with pastor
*What is surprising you right now? How is your congregation experiencing God's presence in an unexpected way?
*What are you recognizing that the congregation may need to put aside, put away, or let go of forever?
*Which expressions of the church are being born that you might help nurture?
*What are the Pastor's stated ministry goals for this year?
*What are your congregation's strategies for growing in love of God and neighbor?
*What are your congregation's strategies for reaching new people?
*What are your congregation's strategies for healing a broken world?
*How (and how effectively) is your pastor equipping your congregation to implement the three strategies listed above?
*What are you as leaders doing to support your pastor in these efforts?
*How has the SPRC acknowledged the added strain and fatigue of your appointed clergy person and come along side to support, encourage, and resource them?
*Who is responsible for partnering with the pastor in setting goals, measuring performance, and documenting progress on the outcomes of increasing worship attendance, multiplying faith professions, and expanding stories of transformation?
*Name of person responsible for submitting weekly metrics to the Minnesota Annual Conference
*Email address of person responsible for submitting weekly metrics to the Minnesota Annual Conference
Is there anything else you want your district superintendent to know?
Additional comments from district superintendent (this field reserved for use by the district superintendent)
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