Planter Risk Assessment

*First Name
*Last Name

Church planting is a risky business, but experience shows that when a qualified church planter is fitted with the right environmental situation, the likelihood of success is greatly enhanced. The following guide is to help you, the potential church planter, determine whether now is the right time and this is the right place for you to enter into the arena of church planting.

For each of the following questions, select the number that best represents your situation:

*How will you be personally funded?
(1) Faith
(2) Bi-vocational
(3) Partial support
(4) Fully funded
(5) Strong support
*Does the site selection match your cultural background or experience?
(1) Not really
(2) A little
(3) Moderately
(4) Pretty much
(5) Absolutely
*How many ministry partners will move with you?
(1) None
(2) 1 or 2
(3) 3 or 4
(4) 5 or 6
(5) 7 or 8
*How many pre-existing adult contacts (individuals or couples) that you already know or are aware of are likely to become part of your team?
(1) None
(2) 1 or 2
(3) 3 or 4
(4) 5 or 6
(5) 7 or 8
*How near is your family or your spouse’s family or natural support group?
(1) Long distance
(2) Within driving distance
(3) Close enough for a weekend visit
*How closely does your ministry site approximate your geographic roots?
(1) Not much
(2) Somewhat
(3) Quite a bit
*How close are you to other supportive churches that really want you to succeed?
(1) Not close at all
(2) Somewhat
(3) Very close
*How much vocational ministry success have you personally experienced?
(1) None so far
(2) A little
(3) A lot
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