Non-Profit Church Leadership Certificate Program Application

This application is for clergy interested in the Non-Profit Church Leadership Certificate Program, a collaborative partnership between Dakota Wesleyan University (DWU) and the Dakotas-Minnesota Area of the United Methodist Church with support from the Lilly Initiative. Clergy approved through this application will be required to formally register with DWU. The program will begin in July 2019.

The four competency areas that the program explores via online learning are:

  • Financial Stewardship: 21st Century Resource Development and Management
  • Stewarding Human Resources: Governance, Personnel, and Volunteer Management
  • Stewarding Vision: Strategy Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
  • Stewarding the Church: Leadership and Management

Additionally, each participant will complete two applied projects (useful to church ministry and current role) and be part of a cohort group that meets three times in person at various locations across the area. The program consists of four quarterly sessions, and participants will earn 21 credits that may be applied to an MBA or graduate degree at DWU.

District superintendents must recommend clergy in order for them to be accepted into the program, so make sure to talk with your DS before applying. The cost of this program is $5,000, $4,000 of which will be provided by the Lilly Initiative. Of the remaining $1,000, $500 would be provided from personal funds of the clergyperson and $500 must be provided by the clergyperson's church(es). Lodging and meals for the three required gatherings are funded by the Lilly Initiative. Travel costs to the location and any books/materials are paid by the participating pastors.

*Please note that your SPRC chair (or chairs, for multi-point charges) must submit a separate form indicating their approval to contribute $500 toward the cost of the program. Applying clergy should direct their SPRC chair(s) to the form, which can be accessed by clicking here. Clergy applications and SPRC approval forms are due April 1, 2019.

Personal Information

When asked for address, please provide your home address.

*First Name
*Last Name
*Address 1
*Social security number
Clergy Information
*Are you serving a local United Methodist congregation or extension ministry under appointment of the Minnesota Annual Conference?
*In what capacity are you currently serving?
Licensed Local Pastor
Extension Ministry
None of the above
*In what capacity are you currently serving?
*Where are you currently appointed (church, ministry, or institution)?
*Which annual conference do you serve in?
*In which district do you serve within your annual conference?
*Have you been serving for at least three years a local United Methodist congregation or extension ministry under appointment of the Dakotas or Minnesota Annual Conference?
*List all churches or ministries that you have served under appointment of the Dakotas or Minnesota Annual Conference.
Previous Education
*List advanced education degree(s), along with the institution(s) where you earned them and the date(s) completed.
Readiness for Certificate Program
*Provide a brief (no more than 500 words) statement addressing your readiness and desire to participate in the Non-Profit and Church Leadership Certificate Program. Include in your statement the following:
  • At least three notable outcomes as a result of your leadership during your ministry tenure.
  • A brief overview of your personal AND your church’s financial health and approach to giving.
  • A description of the most pressing challenge facing you personally and professionally.
  • Your primary reason for applying for the NPCL Certificate Program.
General Requirements
*I understand that an eligible applicant for the Non-Profit and Church Leadership Certificate Program meets the following requirements, and I affirm that I meet these requirements:
  • Has been in appointment for at least three years and is currently serving in good standing a local United Methodist congregation or extension ministry under appointment of the Dakotas or Minnesota Annual Conference.
  • Has the capacity to complete the full 12-month program by devoting three to six hours per week for the online course requirements, attending three two-day gatherings (in person), and completing two projects connected to the coursework and their own church ministries.
  • Has sufficient technology skills to participate in an online course.
  • Has completed a bachelor’s degree or higher as listed above.
  • Has obtained the recommendation of their district superintendent and the approval of their Staff-Parish Relations Committee(s) as requested above.
  • Has demonstrated leadership qualities resulting in notable outcomes where serving in ministry.
  • Has agreed to a matching payment of $500 and will obtain a matching amount of $500 from the church(es). The program cost is $5,000. The Lilly Initiative will pay $4,000.  
*By typing my full name below, I affirm that all of the information provided above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
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