Minnesota Volunteers In Mission scholarship application

Guidelines for VIM scholarships

1) We give a $200-$400 first time scholarship upon receipt of application, with a pastor's approval of the committee of three persons; financial exceptions are made for ethnic persons or special needs persons at certain times.

2) We give just one scholarship per person, with some exceptions. On occassion a person of ethnic background goes as an interpreter and may be recruited for a second year, needing extra financial assistance. Or a recipient's overseas duty lasts longer like an extension on a year's service and they request an extra scholarship.

3) After approval from the committee, then the scholarship money is vouchered from the Conference Treasurer's office.

4) A request to support a whole mission team is not feasible, so it is suggested that the team leader(s) select one or possibly two to three members to receive a scholarship. This can be a young person(s) (high school or college) or an adult.

5) The application process usually takes two weeks or longer for the turn around on the application approval and for the voucher to reach the Conference Treasurer's office. If the applicant is not to receive the check that must be stated in the application or in an accompanying letter.

Funds requested for
*First Name
*Last Name
Address 1
Address 2
Passport number
Birth date
Ethnic identity
Local church
Previous volunteer experience
Please list languages other than English, that you speak well
Are you willing to live and work under conditions that may be uncomfortable and unfamiliar?
No answer
Any physical or health conditions and/or limitations
Briefly describe your motivation for becoming a volunteer in mission and how you feel this experience will be beneficial to you and the host group
Financial information
Estimated cost of trip
Amount of funding requested
Amount expected from local church, individuals, and fundraisers
In addition to this work team, would you be interested in a future project?
No answer
If yes, where?

If you are awarded this scholarship, you may be asked to share your experience through speaking engagements. In the future, please consider a donation to the VIM Scholarship Fund, Conference Treasurer's Office, 122 W. Franklin Ave, Suite 400, Minneapolis, MN 55404. Thank you.

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