Ministerial Education Fund Grants to Churches During Approved Clergy Leave

Grants are available to churches from the Ministerial Education Fund for pulpit supply or the most important need of the church community during approved clergy leaves for (1) Formational and Spiritual Growth; and (2) Continuing Education and Spiritual Growth.  The purpose of these grants is to assist churches in supporting clergy leaves that exceed normal annual budgeting for pulpit supply during, for example, clergy vacations.  

Grants are restricted to those cases where the church will be paying incrementally for such clergy services in amounts over and above the usual annual budgeted amount for clergy vacations and other planned time off.  Grants are restricted to, and paid directly to, churches.

Formational and Spiritual Growth Leave:  Clergy may apply for a grant up to $100.00 per week for the period of the approved leave to each of their appointed church(es).

Continuing Education and Spiritual Growth (“Renewal”) Leave: Clergy may apply for a grant up to $100.00 per week for a maximum of four weeks to each of their appointed church(es).

Applications for Grants to Churches for clergy services must be accompanied by a copy of the approved clergy leave application.

Grant applications are normally reviewed monthly by the Board of Ordained Ministry.  Once approved, payments are typically processed within one week.  Grants for pulpit supply are paid directly to churches.

*First Name
*Last Name
*Type of leave
Formational and Spiritual Growth (¶351.3)
Continuing Education and Spiritual Growth (“Renewal”) Leave (¶351.2)
Approved date(s) of leave
Duration of Leave in Weeks
Clergy Services to be Procured
Grant Amount Requested

Please Specify Church(es) and Grant Amounts Requested for Each

1. Church name
1. Amount requested
1. Address
2. Church name
2. Amount requested
2. Address
3. Church name
3. Amount requested
3. Address
Minnesota Annual Conference District
Please attach approved Leave Application (email correspondence from a DS indicating approval of the application is acceptable.)

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB

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