Leadership Team Endorsement of Participation: Nonprofit Church Leadership Certificate Program 2020

Program Year: 2020-2021

The Nonprofit Church Leadership Certificate Program is a collaborative partnership between the Dakotas-Minnesota Area of the United Methodist Church and Dakota Wesleyan University (DWU) designed to increase competencies in areas essential to effectively lead today’s church. Learn more about the program and its requirements.

This endorsement provides the NPCL Selection Committee with the church Leadership Team's formal support of the pastor/applicant to participate in the NPCL Certificate Program along with the acknowledgement of the Leadership Team’s roles and responsibilities needed to support their pastor while in the program.

  • The cost of tuition is $7000. If your pastor is selected, the pastor is expected to contribute $250 towards the cost of tuition from their personal funds. The church (or churches, for multi-point charges) is asked to partner with and support the pastor in obtaining an additional $750. (If the full payment of $750 cannot be made at once, a payment schedule can be developed for the program year.) This is in addition to $6,000 provided by the Area’s Initiative on Financial Well-being.
  • Key leaders of the church are asked to participate in a survey to help assess the perceived needs of the church. This survey assists the pastor in developing the two applied projects required in the program.
  • Key leaders of the church are asked to support and willingly participate in the occasional meetings or conversations that contribute to the development of the applied projects.
  • Key leaders of the church are asked to participate in a survey at the end of the program year to assess the impact of the pastor’s applied learning.

The Leadership Team chairperson leads a discussion with the Leadership Team and the SPRC chairperson (if not present or part of this team) around endorsing the pastor’s participation. If an in-person discussion is not possible, gathering support via email or a phone conversation is sufficient.


Leadership Team Chairperson Contact Info
*First Name
*Last Name
*Pastor’s Name

Full name of the church(es) this pastor serves, along with the city and state.

*Please provide a very brief statement indicating the Leadership’s Team endorsement of your pastor’s participation in the NPCL certificate program.
*Affirmation of responsibility

If our pastor is accepted into the NPCL certificate program, I understand that our church (possibly in conjunction with other churches, for multi-point charges) is responsible for assisting our pastor in securing $750 to participate, and I understand that our pastor will also be required to contribute $250 from his or her personal funds. I understand that our church is expected to support and engage in the application of learning with our pastor as described above.


By typing my full name below, I affirm that all of the information provided above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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