Higher Education Ministry Grants Renewal Application

Investing in higher education ministries that have the potential, capacity and commitment to reach new people

Deadline for 2020 Applications: May 1, 2020
Award notification early June 2020.

*Title of ministry
*Amount of grant request for 2020
Amount received in 2019
Amount received in 2018
Amount received in 2017
Amount received in 2016
*Church or sponsoring ministry
*Phone number
Website and/or social media
Person responsible for the proposal
*First Name
*Last Name
*Describe the ministry created by the previous grant(s). What will you do new or differently this year?
*Who has been reached by this ministry? Who in your community is excited about this ministry, what gifts will they bring to it? Please explain how your ministry demonstrates inclusiveness and cultural sensitivity.
*What progress has been made against your specific benchmarks?
*What is the budget for this ministry? Include all revenue sources (church, grant, outside support).
*How does this ministry address the gospel imperatives of reaching new people, growing in love of God and neighbor and healing a broken world?
*What are you doing to move to sustainability and self-sufficiency?
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