MN Walk to Emmaus Registration - Winter 2019

You are registering involvement in the Winter 2019 MN Walk to Emmaus events. 

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Men's Walk - Jan 17-20 - #123
Women's Walk - Jan 24-27 - #124
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*Sponsor's Name and Phone

Sponsors, who have participated in a previous Walk, play a signficant role in this experience.  If you do not yet have a sponsor enter "Sponsor needed;"  and we will help connect you with somone.

*Has the Walk to Emmaus been explained to you, including reunion groups?
*What do you expect to gain from the Walk to Emmaus?
Where and when did you make your pilgrim Walk? (include walk number)
Name of reunion group:
Pilgrim's name and contact information (phone, email)
Why do you feel this person is a good candidate for the Walk?
Sponsor Responsibilities

Being a sponsor is an important role.  In addition to the items listed below, you are expected to complete the Sponsor's checklist.  Please check each item you have completed or are working on for and with your pilgrim.

Sponsor checklist
If pilgrim is married, discussed the Walk with spouse
Arranged for pilgrim's family needs during the weekend
Explained Fourth Day meeting
Willing and able to get the pilgrim into a Reunion Group
Praying and sacrificing or your pilgrim now
If pilgrim is married, will their spouse be attending? (If not, why?)
Will you be transporting the pilgrim to and from the Walk? If no, what arrangements have you made?
Anything Else

Do you have any questions or anything you would like us to know at this time?

Clicking the "Submit Form" button completes your registration. 

A deposit of $50 is required in advance with the balance due before or at the Walk.  You have several options.

  • On the next screen, you can select "Pay Now" to pay the enitre amount by credit or debit card.  
  • OR you can enter a deposit amount and press "Pay deposit amount."  The following screen will show total amount owed, total amount due and you entered for deposit.
  • OR you can send a check payable to the Minnesota Walk to Emmaus to Karen Olson, 307 Sakatah Blvd N, Waterville, MN 56096.  

If you have financial concerns or questions, contact Karen Olson, Registrar ( or 507-661-4818).   You should receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration with your balance due.

Photographs and/or video may be taken during this event.  By registering for this event, you are consenting to the use of your image in printed pieces and on the website.


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