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The Camp & Retreat Board feels strongly that everyone who wants to attend camp can do so, and that no camper will ever be turned away because they can’t afford to pay. Camp Minnesota provides campership funds to individuals who need them most, based on the individual’s and family’s needs. Our expectation is that your local church, personal funds, other sources of support and conference support will combine to cover the registration cost for one conference camping event of your choice. Please allow enough time for this application to be reviewed prior to your camp experience.

Personal Information
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Camp Information
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Campership Request (please check all that apply):
*Total Cost of Camp/Event
*Personal Funds (Amount I can put towards camp/event)
*My Local Church Support (Amount my church will put towards this camp/event)
*Other Sources of Support (Amount available from other sources to help pay for this camp/event)
Balance Needed*:

*I understand that funds are limited and I will be notified of my actual campership award.

Questions & References
*Please briefly explain your reason for request of funds in support of the above camper(s).
*Is this the only United Methodist camp/retreat event this camper will attend this calendar year?
If you answered no, please share the name of the other camp(s) the applicant has attended/will attend this year and whether you received financial assistance. Note: There is a limit of one Camp Minnesota campership per individual per year.
*Please share briefly what your local church or other resource agency is doing to help you, or what you have attempted to use as a resource. The local church should be the first line of assistance.

Please list a reference (non-family) who we can contact who would have some knowledge of your situation. Suggestions are your church pastor, secretary, youth worker, Sunday school teacher, school counselor, social worker, scout leader or other such person.

*Reference Name
*Reference Email:
*Reference Daytime Phone #

Please complete all fields. Incomplete applications may not be accepted. Campers without a connection to a local church are still eligible to receive camperships. Some special limitations may apply to camp events held outside the Minnesota Conference. Your privacy in this matter is important and we will do all we can to maintain that integrity.


I understand that UMC Campership funds are limited and will be granted on an individual need basis. I verify that the information on this application is true and correct.

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We hope to see you this summer at camp, a life-changing and faith-shaping experience, and promise to do whatever we can to make this possible!

God’s blessings,
Camp Minnesota Staff
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