Conference Advance Special Status

Application form for Conference Advance Special designation through the Mission Promotion Team

Project/program name
*First Name
*Last Name
Address 1
Address 2
Describe the purpose for which conference Advance Special funds are requested:
How is the project/program administered?:
How long has the project/program been in existence?:
List United Methodist churches, agencies, or contacts related to the project/program:
Describe new programs/ministries started in the year you are applying for:
How much do you plan receive through Advance Special status in the year you are applying for?
Indicate, by source, all revenues promised or sought from UMC sources in the year you are applying for:
Does this project/program have non-profit and/or tax-exempt status? Explain:
Please attach a budget and list of board members for the year you are applying for.

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB

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